Pop in visits
Pop in visits

Pop in visits

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Our pop-in visits are short, five minute, lunch-time visits which help you to feel safer in your home, with the reassurance of someone visiting you each day.

Our pop-in visits include:

  • regular contact with a friendly face
  • making sure you’re okay
  • making you a drink
  • contacting someone on your behalf if you’re not feeling yourself
  • checking on something specific, like if you are wearing your community alarm pendant
  • medication prompts if required


We can come to your house, anywhere in Hertfordshire, 365 days a year.

You can have a visit each day, or as many days as you like – just let us know.


Visits are made between 11am and 2:30pm every day.

We can’t give you an exact time, but generally we’ll be with you at the same time each day.


£3.50 per visit.

Changing or cancelling your visit

Please let us know by 10:30am if you need to change or cancel your visit for that day.

Medication prompts

Medication prompts are now available as a part of our pop in service if required; click here to find out more.

Paying for pop-in visits

We’ll send you a bill for the pop in visits that you’ve had at the end of every month. You can pay by:

  • debit/credit card
  • cheque
  • postal order

We can never accept cash.

Set up your pop-in visits (MS Word form)

Our response to COVID-19

We've been taking proactive measures to ensure we can safely continue providing vital services in the community. Click below to read more about how we are responding to COVID-19.

If you would like to discuss any specific queries or concerns, or to offer your support, contact our dedicated helpdesk on:
01462 887181

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