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Order Meals (via Hertfordshire County Council)


We have a simple referral process.

You can order meals online via Hertfordshire County Council, or alternatively, download our referral form below. You can email, scan, or post this form to us.

  • Families can refer their loved ones to our service
  • Individuals can self refer
  • Social workers and health professionals can refer clients
Download Referral Form (MS Word)


  • Hot meal and dessert: £4.95
  • Tea meal: £3.45
  • Breakfast: £2.95

All of our prices include delivery and a welfare check as standard.

Please note, the price of our main meal and dessert has increased as of April 1st 2019. This decision comes from Hertfordshire County Council, who subsidise the cost of our meals, after several months of negotiations. This affects both individual meals on wheels and lunch club meal clients.

Breakfast and Tea meals can only be ordered if you are also ordering a hot meal and dessert. They are delivered at the same time for eating later.


Anyone can receive a meal. However, in order to receive it at the prices above, one of the following must apply:

  • you have difficulty preparing a meal safely
  • you have a mental or physical disability
  • you are unable to do a food shop
  • your carer is unwell or on holiday
  • you’ve just come out of the hospital or you’re recovering from an illness
  • you’re unable to cook meals for yourself after someone dies.

There is no age limit.

If you do not meet our eligibility criteria, we can still deliver to you, but you will have to pay slightly more.