Nutrition and Wellbeing
Nutrition and Wellbeing

Nutrition and Wellbeing

Our Nutrition and Wellbeing Service is a one of a kind service in the UK, providing individual support for older and vulnerable people across Hertfordshire.

Our Nutrition and Wellbeing service is available to all meals clients, and provides:

  • nutrition and wellbeing checks in your home
  • training and education for carers, professionals and older people
  • resources and information
  • ongoing support

Nutrition and Wellbeing check

A nutrition and wellbeing check takes place in your home and includes:

  • a height and weight check
  • questions about your general health and lifestyle
  • discussing dietary requirements

You will have an initial check, a follow up check, and regular support.

We may also suggest some other services that you may find useful.

We will offer you a nutrition check if you join our meals service and:

  • you’re underweight
  • you’re losing weight unintentionally
  • have a poor appetite or don’t drink enough
  • need a modified texture meal or find it difficult to chew or swallow
  • have other nutrition concerns

You can request a nutrition check when you sign up for meals or at any time while you are receiving meals from us.

If you are a current meals client and think you would benefit from a nutrition & wellbeing check then contact us today.

Nutrition Boost

If our team is concerned about you because you’re underweight or losing weight then:

  • we will offer you additional food with your meals at no extra cost
  • we may suggest changes to your meals


The Nutrition and Wellbeing Team provides training for carers and professionals.

The following sessions are available:

  • training for those who work with older and vulnerable people
  • education sessions for older people, their families and carers

If you would like us to deliver a training session for you or your group, please get in touch.


HILS has developed a number of free online resources to help support those caring for older and vulnerable people and to support managing nutritional needs. You can also request hard copies of these.


About the team

The Nutrition & Wellbeing Team consists of three dietitians, one nutritionist, and two Health and Wellbeing visitors. They specialise in supporting older people and their families with nutrition concerns.

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