Lizzie - EA to Sarah Wren

What did you used to do?

I have been a PA since I was 16, and have worked for legal, banking, accountancy and medical organisations. I served a special police constable and then a sergeant for 6 years in Hertfordshire. I also run a beauty and nail business locally.

How long have you worked at HILS?

The journey started in April 2013!

What does your job entail?

I am the EA to Sarah Wren, Chief Executive, but also the board and the rest of the Executive Team, giving day- to-day support.

Why do you enjoy working at HILS?

I like that it is a close knit organisation and it is very rewarding. I have worked in big corporate firms, but HILS does so much good for the community and I love the variety. It is exciting to watch the business grow and be a part of it.

What’s your favourite thing about working at HILS?

I do love the food, but my colleagues too!