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HILS supplies and installs keysafes for clients across Hertfordshire, helping you to feel safe at home. A keysafe is a small, strong, metal box which is fitted to the outside of your home and is used to store a spare door key. The key can only be accessed by using a personal code number.

Why are keysafes useful?

Keysafes are useful for people who might forget or lose their keys, and for people who have regular visitors who may need to gain access to the property. This might include authorised visitors such as carers, meals on wheels staff, family members, or neighbours.

Location and time

HILS can install a keysafe at your home, anywhere in Hertfordshire. We will agree an appointment date and time that suits you.


HILS supplies and installs two different models of keysafe, and can also visit for maintenance purposes or changing your code for you. The prices for these different options are:

  • Supply and installation of C500 keysafe: £90
  • Supply and installation of Original keysafe: £66
  • Maintenance visit: £30

All our prices include VAT and installation.

Which keysafe is right for me?

For help choosing your which keysafe is right for you, please read our guidance document by clicking here or speak to our friendly team.


There are no eligibility criteria for this service, anyone can purchase HILS’ keysafe installation service.

Paying for your keysafe

Payment is required in advance, and can only be taken by:

  • debit or credit card over the phone
  • cheque
  • postal order

We can never accept cash. Please note that payment via cheque or postal order may delay your installation appointment, while we wait for the funds to clear.

Terms and conditions

Read the full terms and conditions for this service by clicking here.

Privacy and personal data

Please be aware that in order to deliver this service we will need to collect and store some of your personal data. You can read our full privacy policy here.


A collection of “frequently asked questions” and their answers is available to read by clicking here.

Contact us

You can register your interest by calling 0330 2000 167 and our Support Team will send through your details to the Keysafe Team.

Request a keysafe installation appointment

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