Key Stats

Key Stats

Each year, we serve thousands of older and vulnerable people across Hertfordshire. We measure our impact in two ways:

  • the number of clients we serve (beneficiaries)
  • the number of times we serve them (interventions)

Over the last financial year, our teams have delivered over 1.2 million interventions and helped around 14,500 beneficiaries.

Our impact at a glance - 2018/19

Pie chart of beneficaries

Social Return on Investment

In 2011-12 we worked with researchers from Anglia Ruskin University. They calculated the Social Return on Investment of our core meals service. For every £1 invested in the meals on wheels service, the social return on investment was between £4.42 and £6.10, an average of £5.28.

To read the full report, please contact us.