Key Stats

Key Stats

Each year, we serve thousands of older and vulnerable people across Hertfordshire. Here you can see the numbers behind our work.

We measure our impact in two ways:

  • the number of clients we serve (beneficiaries)
  • the number of times we serve them (interventions)

Some of our services (e.g. Nutrition and Wellbeing and Transport) are still new and we are looking to grow the number of clients over the coming years.

Number of people we’ve helped - 2015/16

Pie chart of beneficaries

Number of times we’ve helped people - 2015/16

Meals and lunch clubs

Other services

Social Return on Investment

In 2011-12 we worked with researchers from Anglia Ruskin University. They calculated the Social Return on Investment of our core meals service. For every £1 invested in the meals on wheels service, the social return on investment was between £4.42 and £6.10, an average of £5.28.

To read the full report, please contact us.