Dementia Fun Clubs
Dementia Fun Clubs

Dementia Fun Clubs: Activities for People with Dementia

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Kingfisher Clubs: Activities for People with Dementia

Our Dementia Fun Clubs are welcoming and engaging, with every session offering an exciting mix of activities. Our clubs are run by highly-trained staff supported by a team of caring volunteers.


Our Dementia Fun Clubs offer a wide range of both group and individual activities. We work with you to understand your hobbies and your life story. We do this so that we can create activities that centre around your interests.

Previous activities have included:

  • food tasting
  • information sessions
  • poetry readings
  • sing-a-long sessions
  • debates
  • quizzes
  • crafts and carpentry


Our clubs are for people living with mild to moderate dementia.

You can join the clubs if:

  • you’re not violent or aggressive towards others
  • you can go to the toilet by yourself
  • you don’t have a tendency to wander
  • you can eat a meal without help

Should your needs change while you are a member of the club, we will help direct you to other services that may be more suited to supporting you.

Location & Days

Location: Jubilee Centre, Catherine Street, St Albans, AL3 5BU

Days: Monday to Friday


10am - 3pm


  • £25 joining fee
  • £35 per day. This includes all activities and a hot meal and dessert.

You must pay for one month’s sessions in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot refund you for missed sessions.


We are always looking for volunteers to help:

  • general volunteering
  • specific activites (e.g. singing, crafts)

See our volunteering opportunities for more information.

Speak to us about joining our dementia clubs

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