Active Ageing

Our Active Ageing Service provides personalised exercise support for older people living in the community, with a range of programmes tailored to suit individual ability, motivation and current health. Staying active has been shown to reduce risks of some chronic diseases by up to 30%, improve feelings of wellbeing, and reduce the risk of falls in older people.

The Active Ageing Team consists of qualified exercise specialists and community team members, with experience working with older people. They will help our clients get more physically active and mobile, build up their confidence, and feel better, by providing:

  • one to one support in your home with weekly sessions for up to 3 months
  • resources and information about local activity groups and ways to exercise safely at home
  • personalised support from our specialist team, who can tailor the exercise to accommodate health conditions and physical ability

This three year programme is being delivered in partnership with Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health department and Sport England.


We are currently only delivering this programme to our meals clients, but will be looking to extend this to non meals clients in the near future. If you, or the person you are referring, is not a meals client, we can add you to a waiting list and contact you again when we begin taking on more people.

There is no age restriction and our specially trained team will ensure clients receive the right level of exercise to suit their physical ability and motivation.

Sign up

Simply send an email to:, call us on our main number 0330 2000 103 where you will be directed to the Active Ageing Team.

Meals clients can also tell their community team drivers when their meals are being delivered.


This service is entirely free. However, if as part of this programme you want to join activities with community groups, you may be required to pay to participate.

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